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Choosing the Right Tests for Your Facility

Filtered Test: The sensitivity of the filtered water test is 0.1 CFU/ml. Because of this high sensitivity, it is recommended for higher risk industries and applications such as healthcare, hospitality, cooling towers, spa pools and others.  

Surface Swab Test: For taps and surfaces such as spa pools, air conditioning units, and water tanks. Legionella grows in biofilms, therefore testing the surface while paying particular attention to any biofilm deposits, gives a very accurate picture of the condition of your water system. The surface swab test is also very useful for locating the source of infection, which often will be within biofilms and has a sensitivity of 200 CFU per swabbed area, with the minimum recommended area being 10 cm².

Direct Test: This is the fastest and the simplest test in the OnSite Legionella Testing product line as it requires no sample preparation and can be used to test the water collected from any source. It provides a sensitivity of 100,000CFU/L. Because of the lower sensitivity, the direct test is not recommended for applications where an action point below 100,000 CFU/L is required.  

Regular testing of water systems and maintaining good fact patterns are key to keeping your facility and people safe. OnSite Legionella Testing can help you develop an effective Legionella Prevention and Mitigation program. Give us a call. 925-320-3555