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Death Rate Due to Legionnaires’ Disease is 3 Times That of Coronavirus

As reported by NPR Illinois, a fourth case of COVID-19 was announced in Illinois on Monday, March 3rd, and Coronavirus continues to dominate headlines. But experts say there’s another, more common disease that ought to be getting more attention: Legionnaires’ Disease. It made headlines in Illinois with more than a dozen deaths at the state-run veterans’ home in Quincy.

Legionnaires’ Disease often flies under the radar because most cases are individual and sporadic, meaning there’s little chance of a massive outbreak. Nevertheless, the Illinois Department of Public Health reported 569 cases of Legionnaires’ Disease last year with 43 fatalities. 

“Twenty-five thousand people are going to be impacted by Legionella,” said Bob Bowcock, a nationally recognized water engineer. Mr. Bowcock is known nationally for his work with Erin Brockovich. The duo has helped many communities alleviate water problems. Bowcock also praised Illinois for taking the initiative to control sporadic cases of Legionnaires’ Disease, adding that the federal government should come up with a nationwide standard modeled after regulations in Illinois.

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