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How Do I Know If My Healthcare Facility Needs a Legionella Prevention Program?

According to the California Department of Public Health—all California healthcare facilities are required to have a Legionella prevention program in place. 

  1. Does the facility treat patients over 65 years old?
  2. Does the facility have patients who stay overnight?
  3. Does the facility treat patients who have chronic or acute medical problems?
  4. Does your building have a cooling tower?
  5. Does your facility have emergency water storage?
  6. Does the building have a water fountain?
  7. Does the building have a misting system, atomizer or humidifier?
  8. Do the lavatories have aerators?
  9. Does the facility have showers, eyewash stations, infrequently used equipment, ice machines and/or filters?
  10. Obtain a copy of the facility’s most recent water sample report and where samples were taken.
  11. Have there been recent renovations where piping systems were disrupted?
  12. Is there an issue with sediment and scale build-up within the piping?
  13. Does the facility use instantaneous water heaters?
  14. Does the facility use domestic hot water storage tanks?
  15. Obtain the temperature of storage tanks, hot water supplies and return lines.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will need to provide a protection and mitigation program.

It is helpful to create a flow chart or diagram of how the systems are piped using all of the data collected. Place it into a diagram or flow chart that allows you to see the entire facility as a whole and identify hot spots (potential sites for Legionella). Remember, Legionella’s fatality rate for a general public outbreak is 10%, however, in a Nursing or Long-term Care facility, the fatality rate could exceed 25%!

Are you prepared? OnSite Legionella Testing can help you develop a Legionella Prevention and Mitigation program, including a Water Management Plan and Support Services for all your Legionella prevention needs.

With thanks to phcppros.com for the above checklist.

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