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It’s a Silent Killer

By Paul Stark

The deadly bacteria, Legionella, is playing a major role as the COVID pandemic carries on. Legionella bacteria, the cause of Legionnaires disease and stagnant building water systems make for perfect conditions to sicken and often kill unknowing individuals.”Many hotels, offices, schools, hospitals and other buildings have been left fully or partially vacant for long periods of time”, notes Chris Edens, an epidemiologist with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which recently released guidance for reopening buildings. “As those kinds of communities reopen, it’s important for owners and operators to be thinking about water management.”

Legionella bacteria grows naturally in our drinking water sources. It generally only becomes a risk to human health when it enters and multiplies within plumbing systems, and then that contaminated water becomes aerosolized.  Once aerosolized, the water droplets are breathed in and infect the lungs.  Upwards of 70,000 people are effected every year, with the death rate estimated at 10%-25%. 

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