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Negligence is Primary Cause of Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreaks

Nearly all cases of Legionnaires disease are due to negligence stemming from the facility Operator, Owner, or Service Provider. With 10-20% of outbreaks resulting in death, lawsuits can range upwards of $5M per case. In nearly every situation, an outbreak of Legionnaires disease could have been avoided with a proper Water Management Plan that includes a complete Legionella testing plan.  Plan elements include:

  • Forming a Water Management Plan
  • Assembling a Testing Team
  • Bi-Annual cleaning and treatment of Cooling Tower
  • Bi-Annual inspection and cleaning of shower heads, fountains, spas
  • Monthly or Quarterly Legionella testing

Don’t let a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak happen on your watch. OnSite Legionella Testing can help you protect your people and your business. The first step is to have your water systems evaluated and a Legionella Management Plan in place. 

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