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State Fair, Hot Tubs and Legionella

You wouldn’t think a visit to the state fair could be deadly, but sadly that is just what happened at the North Carolina State Fair. Legionnaires disease cases from a Hot Tub display have increased to nearly 150 with the death toll rising to 4 individuals.  Manufacturers and dealers have been named in the lawsuit among others.  

Hot tubs are notorious for being a breeding ground for legionella bacteria. It’s got all the necessary ingredients: Warm water, aeration of water droplets, and an improperly maintained system of tubes and pipes. You do not have to be in the hot tub, Legionnaires’ disease can be caught by just standing nearby, breathing in moist air that is infected with the bacteria.

In addition to the CDC recommendations for Hot Tubs and Spas, you need to test for legionella. We can help with that. OSLT’s on-site tests are easily administered by you or your staff and will give you results in under 30 minutes, so you can treat the problem before it becomes an even bigger one.