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Paul Stark, Regional Manager, OSLT

Hotel Outbreaks

As reported by the New Hampshire Union Leader on January 7th, “…as many as 14 people have now filed suit against Hampton hotel and others after a deadly outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in the summer of 2018… According to a report from the state’s Bureau of Infectious Disease Control, epidemiologists identified 49 people with confirmed, probable or suspected legionellosis during their investigation, including two who have died… State health officials have indicated that the hot tub at the Sands Resort was the source of the illness that infected visitors between June and August 2018… The resort and Aqua Paradise Pools & Spas have denied many of the allegations made in the lawsuits, which accuse them of negligence.”

Individual lawsuits for Legionnaires’ disease average $250,000 and can reach $5M in cases where death occurs, and not only target corporations, but also owners, operators, managers and service technicians of the properties or facilities. Settlement for 14 cases (or more) for Hampton hotels and Aqua Paradise Pools & Spas could total $10M – $50M from this one outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease. 

Doing the math, at the cost of this settlement, a hotel management group could protect at least 500 to 1,000 hotels for 5 years with legionella testing by Onsite Legionella Testing services and equipment.  Insurers are now looking into requiring hotel and hospital managers to do quarterly legionella testing of their water systems, pools and spas. 

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